My career in web development began in November of 1996, attending my first semester of high school. My Computer Sciences teacher gave us the option to get a perfect grade for the finals, to those who were able to create a website on their own. This would be a special project and would replace the final test. I decided to go ahead with the project, and I got fascinated with how HTML worked. My imagination just had discovered a new world of possiblities!

2 years later, when attending college, I took the offer to work for several inside departments such as Cátedra Alfonso Reyes as an intern and half time employee, creating their first websites ever. I did this for a couple of years.

Then I began with a phase in my life where personal and family problems made me drop out school. So I decided to start working and so began my professional career. I offered web design services to companies when nobody was doing it in México yet.

I had a hard time in my beginnings (who doesn’t?), so I alleviated my economical situation working in call centers. My job was to give technical support to residential users with their internet or telephone service. This job gave me plenty of experience in customer service and problem solving, skills that helped me develop the sense of customer satisfaction. I attended from 100 to 200 daily calls from customers both in spanish and english.

In 2003, working from an empty room at home, I got my first clients, and they were not local, but from México City, (Delsscom and Digital Systems). The companies still exist but their websites are not the ones I made. And after that I was getting a new client every month!

After 3 years of working from home in 2006 I decided it was time to move on to the next phase in my startup. I was 25 years old, didn’t have any experience running a business, but I was plenty of enthusiasm and willing to learn in the adventure! So I opened my first office. I hired a couple of designers who helped me with the projects and all was looking good! Those were times I learned a lot about how to run a business. The client base grew month after month with customers from all over the country, small and big ones.

In 2008, organized crime got out of the shadows and began terrorizing the general population, which affected businesses and economy all over México. Business owners were scared of going to work to their own companies. It was until 2012 that I decided to close my office and started working as a individual freelancer again.

I’m always evolving, improving and learning! I’m qualified in web development, SEO, software engineering, design and technical support. If you are interested in working together. I’m always looking for cool projects that allow me to change and improve people’s lives!

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